Payments modernization is crucial to your business growth

As technology, competition, regulators, and customers continue to raise the benchmark, your ability to respond at speed and scale becomes critical. Capgemini can help you solidify your competitive position through next-generation payments solutions with small and medium businesses (SMBs) and across all your priority customer segments, while maximizing your ROI.

Connected Payments

Capgemini’s Connected Payments expertise can help put you a path to payments leadership. We’ll help you add efficiency to your internal operations and boost customer engagement as you reinvest and refocus on value-added payments services and delivery. We’ll help to enhance your:

  • • Business strategy and performance, to address the constant pressures of lowering costs and the pursuit of new revenue streams
  • • Operational model, to allow increased flexibility across processes and the adaptability to mix and match an ecosystem of third-party providers
  • • Technology and data capabilities, to allow for open systems through APIs and richer data capabilities to better capture and act on customer preferences and needs

Open Banking Platform

Open API strategies are transforming once tightly closed banking systems into openly connected institutions: as a result, firms are empowered to offer capabilities beyond banking by leveraging FinTech partner solutions.

With Capgemini’s open banking offering, banks can seamlessly and securely exchange data and resources, enabling them to deliver innovative customer propositions and accelerate time-to-market for new products and services – as well as effectively comply with local regulations and monetize APIs.

ISO 20022 Transformation

The payments world is moving to the ISO 20022 standard based on its proven ability to improve operational efficiency, harmonize data, automate reconciliation, enable robust risk and compliance controls, and develop value-added services.

Adopting the ISO 20022 standard will impact the entire payments landscape, from channels and integration layers to payments engines. Capgemini has rich experience in handling ISO 20022 transformation journeys with clients, and we follow a 360-degree approach that includes a multi-dimensional impact analysis and business case definition, and continues through roadmap development, program scoping, and migration.

Trusted Data Exchange

Data-sharing processes often lead to duplication of efforts and inefficient back and forth between involved parties. Moreover, the sharing of sensitive data is often not adequately managed and controlled, resulting in information asymmetries and poor data lineage.

Capgemini’s Trusted Data Exchange solution leverages a DLT framework to enable the exchange of data on a need-to-know basis in a trusted, private, traced, and secure manner. This can help clients accelerate time to business and boost monitoring and auditability.

With this accelerator, clients can navigate a decentralized future within the context of their own unique infrastructure transformation journey.

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